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Wasted Tears

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Ded Serius:  Wasted  Tears

All songs on this site are Copyright various years Van Boersma.  

The Song


Seems I'll

There's no method to the madness.

Wasted Tears

In the late hours of night, don't cry. Just feel.

Pour No Water

If you ever find yourself falling in love. Just let yourself fall.

Black Ball

Sometimes, it's better to go after the girl. Even if it means getting kicked out of your fraternity.


There's somethin' about love; a pretty girl, and feeling funny about it. Wish it came around more often.

Violet Blues

The Redder side of feeling' blue.

Just a Dream

If I had half a brain, I'd read between my lines.

Living in a Cartoon

You don't have to date Dagwood, Red, but, I've gotta take Snoopy out for a walk.

Ostracising the Ostrich

It's just a bird.

Walkin' Away

Don't let the door hit your ass as you leave.

Fear of Success

When you fear having to succeed more than once.


Nothin' better describes Van.

New Year's Day

Aren't we all happy to be human?


I just hope it isn't adulthood.


Sometimes, you just have to party. All work and all that.

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