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White Rose

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Verse 1:     My life's so sad. I'm all alone.
                    Left to live life with no one with me, at home.
                    And, if that's the way it is, I'll just go on.

Verse 2:     I know they say, I'll never see
                    What it is like to know a heart that's light and free.
                    My heart is not free, now; will never be.

Chorus 1:   I don't want any of your sympathy.
                    I don't want you.
                    Take one deep look into my eyes and see,
                    I'm not real. I'm not here.

Verse 3:     It isn't nice. It isn't easy.
                    I've taken far too much in getting more for me.
                    And, I'm paying for it, now. With the soul in me.


Chorus 2:   I cast myself away from people's love;
                    Pushed off the pain.
                    When I die, I won't be sent high above.
                    I will have lived in vain.

Verse 4:     My life's been sad. I'm still alone.
                    The time is high, I'm dead and buried in the ground.
                    So, as I lie here in my grave,
                    Please lay a white rose on my stone.

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