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Michel Verdier

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To Be Near the Sea

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Verse 1:     The horizon is invisible. The night is dark and black.
                    The midnight wind will brush the sand And, softly rub your back.

Chorus:      My soul, it yearns to be near the sea For the sea, you see, beckons me.

Verse 2:     Why, you might ask, do you shed tears When the sea gulls yell?
                    I hide inside this shell of mine And, they have come to break the shell.

Verse 3:     They've followed me a- cross the land, All the way from Ocean West.
                    They find me when my heart cries out surrounding me inside a mist.

Chorus:      My heart cries out to be near the sea. I hear in dreams the resounding sea.

Verse 4:     The sun arises brigh- tly, But, it's trapped behind a white cloud face.
                    A sailboat drifting lazily First feels the wind that speeds its pace.

Verse 5:     On the eve, the sky grows dark. The sun descends into the sea.
                    I feel I'm pulled down with the sun; Dragged with the sun into the sea.

Chorus:      My heart cries out to be near the sea.
                    Waves crash and swell, in this heart in me.

Outtro:         I am the sea, the sea is me,
                    We live our lives so emptily.

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