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Newfound Promises

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Verse 1:         Grayish-pink the light of nighttime

                        Strains my soul to try and think I'm

                        Staring at my future through that window.

                        Stained, the sticks splay up to nothing;

                        Paint the backdrop of the barren

                        Trees, they punctuate the deepness of December sorrow.

Verse 2:         The lateness of an eager lifetime

                        Urges this persistent fool whose

                        Daring dreams attest to stay unwary.

                        Pained when stuck by what's deemed real;

                        Taints for now, but not forsaken.

                        Reality perceived is temporary.

Chorus:          Fever swells, and dies; too late for tears.

                        Chasing down the last day's long lost promises.

                        Saddened love, is prone to fade to simply sadness.

                        Madness fades away with love's lost promises.

Verse 3:         Hope for rest in common bylines

                        Guided by some deluded magic

                        Fleeing to not from unlikely allies.

                        Latching on to nothing certified

                        "A guarantee" is a salesman's gimick

                        Setting free what's here.  See if it flies...........

Chorus:          Tear that stains and dries; and gone is fear.

                        Tracing steps to try to find lost promises.

                        Saddened love's addicted to waking to impending passings.

                        Racing toward the next day's newfound promises.

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