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Never Dream Alone

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Verse 1:         As the water rushes through the creek, I sit by; I look on.

                        The music in my head's a medley of  some silent songs.

                        Do I remember anything?  Have I learned nothing new?

                        Haven't I been given something; anything from you?


Chorus 1:       Do you remember anything they say?

                        Never dream alone.

                        Do you remember anything they say?

                        Never dream alone.


Verse 2:         Glancing from the sky below the runway; see it rushing by.

                        Can't remember feeling like this; wouldn't question why.

                        Passed a thought across my mind to see if I could shake things right.

                        Rattled here and shattered all hope I could make this right.


Chorus 2:       Do you remember anyone you know?

                        Ever dream alone?

                        Do you remember anyone you know?

                        You ever dreamt alone?




Verse 3:         Never look behind; it's tragic.  Harrowing sometimes; what's done is gone

                        What's dreamt to come, what's dead is gone, but not undone.

                        Having once become and having been awhile then gone, I turn and try

                        To find a dreamer just beyond.

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