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I Believe

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Verse 1:     Hiding 'neath the covers, I don't know what to expect today.
                    Don't know who I will run into; don't even know the things I'll try to say.

Verse 2:      I never was convicted like I was to you. It drains me empty.
                    Took years to try to figure you; took more to try to find myself, a-gain.

Chorus:      I believe. She's still out there. And, you're not here. You never were.

Verse 3:     What has passed is here to stay and, while we may have more to say
                    It makes no difference. We have found our separate worlds.

Verse 4:     When you were with me, just passing time, and it seemed so sincere.
                    Have you found your right man; have you had your little girl? {I hope so}
Verse 4:     Underneath the cynic, lies a lover who you never knew.
                    Maybe in your docile life you'll miss me a little bit.

Verse 5:     As the years catch up to you, and as you fight to keep your youth.
                    Will you at least acknowledge you'll regret you never knew.

Chorus:       I believe. She's still out there. And, you're not here. You never were.

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