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Verse 1:     Circles. Round and round we go.
                    You are the most twisted girl that I will ever know.

Verse 2:     Circles. Whirling through my mind.
                    Tell me what you want, but always keep me in the blind.

Chorus:      I used to want to know you, but I think I know enough.
                    I know enough to know you don't make sense.
                    Speaking through these riddles that are spinnin' in your head.
                    I can't take no more of all your circles.

Verse 3:     Circles. Just your planet made for one.
                    Everything I do for you, always just gets redone.


Chorus:      You really drive me crazy, but your body keeps me here.
                    It won't be long 'til I make for the door.
                    Thinking through these riddles that are spinning in your head.
                    I can't take no more of all your circles.

Verse 4:     Circles. I'm getting dizzy from the sight.
                    Speaking nothing logical you ramble through the night.

Outtro:         {In circles}

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