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Status Report 

The notes are in descending order of date added....

2000-12-20 23:06:59  Modifying the CountExpletivesForUser to only count expletives for the past month.  This should show the points for the user in the Who'sHere list to reflect only the past month's expletives.  Done:  2000-12-20 23:39:13.

Would like the PF rating to reflect the rating at the time of the post in the chat view.  I.e.:  If they swear, it should only increment in the chat view for that post, not the ones before it.  Done:  2000-12-21 00:07:00.

I backed it up here:  Don't post comments here because this is the backup database and web.  I overwrite it all the time when things go right on this site.

2000-12-17 02:30:37:  Putting together the CountExpletivesForUser function.  I'll use the expletives list to search through all content for a particular user.  For each instance of a word in the expletives list for that user, they'll get a point added.  BTW, the points are weighted.  Some words are worth more.  >:)

2000-12-17 02:18:48:  The CountExpletives function is complete.  This basically tells you how many expletives are currently being checked.  If someone sends me a word they find offensive, and, I agree and can justify my agreement, I'll add it to the list.  Otherwise, I'll reply to the requester with a response to why I didn't with what I hope to be some legally useful premise for why I didn't.  It will most likely be due to 1st Amendment precedents.

2000-12-17 01:36:27:  George Carlin has some 2400+ expletives listed.  I'm not going to go into that much work in implementing the profanity filters, but, there are 24 words being tracked.

2000-12-17 01:19:58:  Going after some expletives to add into the table.  

2000-12-17:  Created a truly original (if not ugly mustard/pale blue) pattern, and did a thorough audit of the table formatting in NS4.X/NS6, and IE5.  Had to change colors for Hypertext links so they work more intelligently w/in IE5 and NS6 (cascade style-sheet enabled browsers), and made sure the legacy NS4.X browser can see links in appropriate colors, as well.  Fixed the font type problem with tables within Who's Here listing and Post Comments modules.

Right now, I'm working on the beginnings of the profanity meter.  First step is to get a good list of words.  

Created the expletives table:

CREATE TABLE expletives (
   eid int(1) NOT NULL auto_increment,
   expletive varchar(50) NOT NULL,
   score int(1) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
   PRIMARY KEY (eid)

2000-12-05:  Last night I made quite a few changes (about 2 hours worth) to the layout of Ded Chat, but, it got undone tonight while trying to implement another function.  Basically, I got frustrated with the way the layouts were put together, and, really needed to solidify it to something I can maintain more efficiently.  So, if it looked funny, that's why.

I'll make status reports available so people can track changes to this application, if asked.  You know how to use e-mail, so if that's something you wish to see, be my guest.  -- Van

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