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[G]       [C]       [D]       [G] x2


Verse 1:

[G]Hey, where did [C]we go                        [G]days when the [D7]rains came

[G]Down in  the [C]hollow                            [G]playing a [D7]new game

[G]Laughing, and a-[C]running, hey, hey    [G]Skipping and a [D7]jumpin'

[G]in the misty [C]morning fog, with ahh    [G]our hearts a thumpin' and [C]you [D7]my brown-eyed [G]girl

[Em] [C]You, my [D7]brown-eyed [G]girl


Verse 2:

[G]Whatever [C]happened              [G]Tuesday and [D7]so slow

[G]Going down to the [C]old mine with-a   [G]Transistor [D7]radio

[G]Standing in the [C]sunlight laughing      [G]Hiding behind a [D7]rainbow's wall

[G]Slipping and a [C]sliding                        [G]All along the [D7]waterfall with [C]you, [D7]my brown-eyed [G]girl

[Em] [C]You, my [D7]brown-eyed [G]girl



[D7]Do you remember when we used to sing

[G]Sha la la [C]la la la la [G]la te [D7]da   just like that

[G]Sha la la [C]la la la la [G]la te [D7]da   La te da.


Verse 3:

[G]So hard to [C]find my way                      [G]Now that I'm all on [D7]my own

[G]I saw you just the [C]other day   [G]My, how [D7]you have grown

[G]Cast my memory [C]back there Lord    [G]Sometimes I'm [D7]overcome thinkin' 'bout it

[G]Making love in the [C]green grass        [G]Behind the [D7]stadium [C]with you, [D7]my brown-eyed [G]girl

[Em] [C]You, my [D7]brown-eyed [G]girl



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