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Plush -- Stone Temple Pilots 


{intro}    [F5]      [Fdim4]            [F/Bb5]             [F3]      x2


[F]And I[E/C] feel that tim[Eb]e's a wasted go[D/Bb]  [Dbmaj7]

So where you go[Eb]ing for tom[F]morow?

And I [E/C]see that there[Eb] are lies to come[D/Bb]   [Dbmaj7]

so would you [Eb]even care

[C]  [Bbadd9]  [F/A]  [Bbadd9] and I [C/G]feel [Bbadd9]it  [F/A] [Bbadd9]

[C]  [Bbadd9]  [F/A]  [Bbadd9] and I [C/G]feel [Bbadd9]it  [F/A] [Bbadd9]   [Dbmaj7]

Where you going for tom[Eb]morow?    [Dbmaj7]

Where you going with the [Eb]mask I found?  [Dbmaj7]

And I feel and I feel when the [Eb]dogs begin to smell her[Dbmaj7]

will she smell alone[Eb]?                                      


[F5]      [Fdim4]            [F/Bb5]             [F3]      x2


And I feel so much depends on the weather

so is it raining in your bedroom?  And I see

that these are the eyes of disarray

So would you even care?


And I feel it

And she feels it

So where you goin to tomorrow?

Where you goin with the mask I found?

And I feel, I feel, when the dogs begin to smell her...

Will she smell alone?




[F]When the dogs[Eb] do find her [D/Bb]  got time[C], t[Db]ime  to w[C]ait for t[F]ommorow

[Eb]to find it [D/Bb]to find i[C]t  [Db]  To find it

when the dogs do find her got time, time to wait for tommorow

to find it to find it


[F5]      [Fdim4]            [F/Bb5]             [F3]      x2



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