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Intro:  [F4][F]   [C] [C4] [C] x3

            [Eb]    [C]    [Ab]   [Bb]   [C]  twice


[C]Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields

[F]sold in the market down in New Orleans

[C]Scarred old slaver know he's doin' alright

[Bb]hear him whip the women [C]just around midnight    [G]



[G]  Brown Sugar [C]- how come you taste so good   [G]

[G]  Brown Sugar [C]- just like a young girl should 


        [Eb]    [C]    [Ab]   [Bb]   [C] 


[C]Drums beating, cold English blood runs hot

[F]Lady of the house wond'ring where it's gonna stop

[C]Houseboy knows that he's doin' alright

[Bb]you should have heard him [C]just around midnight   [G]


{c: Chorus}


{c: Solo}

        [Eb]    [C]    [Ab]   [Bb]   [C]  x4


{c: Chorus}


[C]I bet your mama was a tent show queen

and [F]all her boyfriends were sweet sixteen

[C]I'm no schoolboy but I know what I like

[Bb]you should have heard me [C]just around midnight    [G]


{c: Chorus}

{c: Chorus instrumental , I said yeah, yeah, yeah, whooh! 1/2}

{c: Chorus yeah, yeah, yeah, whooh!} x2

{c: Chorus instrumental} x2

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