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[E]So just how far down do you want to go           

We could [D]talk it out over a cup of joe

and you could [A]look deep into my eyes like I was a [E]supermodel, uh huh


(riff1) E D A E


[E (w/ riff1)]Well it's you and me baby, no-one else we can trust

Don't say [D]nothing to no-one, no-how or we're bust

and never [A]crack a smile, or flinch, or cry for [E]nobody, uh huh



[E]Well give your I.D. card to the border guard    

Yeah your [A]alias says you're captain Jean Luc Picard

Of the U-[E]nited Federation of Planets                  

'Cause he won't speak En-[B]glish anyway

[A]And everybody [B]knows that the [E]world is full of [C#m]stupid people

So [A]meet me at the mission at [B]midnight We'll divy up [E]there [A E A E G# A]

[A]Everybody [B]knows  that the [E]world is full of [C#m]stupid people

Yeah [A]I got the pistols so [B]I'll keep the pesos   yeah and that seems [E (w/ riff1)]fair


[E]So put the sugar in the tank of the sherrif's car

And slash the [D]deputy's tires they won't get very far

when they [A]finally get the word that there's been a [E]hold-up, uh huh




(Solo 1) (over E D A E E D A E)




[D]That seems fair    [A]That seems fair Well that seems [E]fa-i-a-i-a-i-ar


(Solo 2) (over E D A E | E D A E)

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