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{I: Intro}

[G]  [B] [C] [Cm]


{v:verse 1}

When you were [G]here before,                              Couldn't look you in the [B]eye,

You're just like an [C]angel                                      Your skin makes me [Cm]cry,

You float like a [G]feather,                                       In a beautiful [B]world.

And I wish I was [C]special,                                    You're so very [Cm]special.



But I'm a [G]creep, I'm a [B]weirdo.                       What the hell am I [C]doing here?

I don't be[Cm]long here.


{v:verse 2}

I don't care if it [G]hurts                                            I want to have con-[B]trol,

I want a perfect [C]body,                                         I want a perfect [Cm]soul,

I want you to no-[G]tice,                                           When I'm not a-[B]round,

You're so very [C]special,                                       I wish I was [Cm]special.





[G]She's running out a-[B]gain,                              [C]She's running out

She's [Cm]run run run running out...


{v:verse 3}

[G]Whatever makes you happy,                             Whatever you [B]want,

You're so very [C]special,                                       I wish I was [Cm]special...



I don't belong [G]here.

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