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Intro:   G                          [C9]                                   G                          [C9]



[G]We both lie silently still in the                                         [C9]dead of the night. Although we

[G]both lie close together we feel                                       [C9]miles apart inside. Was it

[G]something I said or [C9]something I did? Did my       [G]words not come out [C9]right? Though I

[D]tried not to hurt you, though I                                          [C]tried. But I guess that's why they say



[G]every rose has its                                                    [C9]thorn, just like

[G]every night has its                                                    [C9]dawn. Just like

[G]every [D]cowboy sings his                                     [C]sad, sad [G]song

[G]every rose has its                                                    [C]thorn.                     (Yeah, it does)


Instr:    G                          [C9]                                   G                          [C9]



[G]listen to our favorite song playing on the              [C9]radio hear the

[G]D.J. say love's a game of easy come and           [C9]easy go. But I

[G]wonder does [C9]he know, has he                       [G]ever felt like [C9]this? And I

[D]know that you'd be here right now if I                    [C]could've let you know somehow. I guess



[G]every rose has its                                                   [C9]thorn, just like

[G]every night has its                                                  [C9]dawn. Just like

[G]every [D]cowboy sings his                                   [C]sad, sad [G]song

[G]every rose has its                                                  [C]thorn.                    



[Em]Though it's been a [D]while now I can                        [C]still feel so much [G]pain.

[Em]Like the knife that [D]cuts you, the wound heals,      [C]but the scar, that scar re-



Solo:   {like verse, then bridge}

G                          [C9]                                   G                          [C9]



[G]I know I could have saved our love that night if I'd        [C9]known what to say

[G]Instead of making love                                        we both [C9]made our separate ways. And, now I

[G]hear you've found some- [C9]body new and                [G]that I never meant that [C]much to you. To

[D]hear that tears me up inside and to                               [C]see you cuts me like a knife. I guess



[G]every rose has its                                                  [C9]thorn, just like

[G]every night has its                                                 [C9]dawn. Just like

[G]every [D]cowboy sings his                                   [C]sad, sad [G]song

[G]every rose has its                                                  [C]thorn.                    


{notes}            G  A  B  D  E  G 

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