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Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd


Intro:    [Em]   [G]   [Em]   [G]   [Em]   [A]   [Em]   [A]  [G]  x2 (with ac solo on 2nd time)


v1:       [C]So, so ya think you can [D]tell,                     Heaven from  [Am]hell,

            Blue skies from [G]pain,                                     Can you tell a green [D]field

            From a cold steel [C]rail,                                    A smile from a [Am]veil?

            Do ya think ya can [G]tell?                                 Did they get you to


v2:      [C]Trade, your hero's for [D]ghosts,                 Hot ashes for [Am]trees                        

            Hot air for a [G]cool breeze,                              Cold comfort for [D]change,                    

            Did you ex- [C]change,                                      A walk on part in the [Am]war,               

            For a lead role in a [G]cage?


Solo:   [Em]   [G]   [Em]   [G]   [Em]   [A]   [Em]   [A]  [G] 


v3:       [C]How I wish, how I wish you were [D]here,   We're just [Am]two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl,                

            [G]Year after year,                                              [D]Running over the same old ground,    

            But have we [C]found                                         The same old [Am]fears,                                   

            Wish you were [G]here.


Outtro:[Em]   [G]   [Em]   [G]   [Em]   [A]   [Em]   [A]  [G]  x4

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