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Intro:     [E]                    [F#m]   x4         [F#m]   [A] [E]   [F#m]


v1:       [F#m]Ticking away the moments that make up the [A]dull day

            You [E]fritter and waste the hours in an offhand [F#m]way.

            [F#m]Kicking around on a piece of ground in your [A]home town

            [E]Waiting for someone or something to show you the [F#m]way.


c1:       [D]Tired of lying in the sunshine [A]staying home to watch the rain.

            And, [D]you are young and life is long and [A]there is time to kill today.

            [D]And then one day you find [C#m7]ten years have got behind you.

            [Bm]No one told you when to run, [E]you missed the starting gun.


Solo      (like 2 verses, then a chorus)


v2:        And, you [F#m]run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's [A]sinking

            [E]Racing around to come up behind you a- [F#m]gain.

            [F#m]The sun is the same in a relative way but you're [A]older,

            And, [E]shorter of breath and one day closer to [F#m]death.


c2:       [D]Every year is getting shorter [A]never seem to find the time.

            [D]Plans that either come to naught or [A]half a page of scribbled lines

            [D]Hanging on in quiet desper- [C#m7]ation is the English way

            The [Bm]time is gone, the song is over,

            [D]Thought I'd something [F]more to say. [Em]


            (Breathe reprise)            [Em]     [A] x2


v1:       [Em]Home, home a- [A]gain.                               [Em]I like to be here when I [A]can.

            [Em]When I come home cold and [A]tired.         It's [Em]good to warm my bones beside the [A]fire.


c1:       [Cmaj7]Far away across the fields                     [Bm]The tolling of the iron bell.

            [Am]Calls the faithful to their knees                     To [G]hear the softly [F]spoken [Eb]magic [Em]spell.

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