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Verse 1:

[Bm]Hello                                                                   Is there anybody [A]in there

Just nod if you can [G]hear me[F#m[Em]              Is there [Bm]anyone at home.

[Bm]Come on now                                                    I hear you're [A]feeling down

[G]I can ease [F#m] [Em]your pain                        Get you [Bm]on your feet again.

[Bm]Relax                                                                  I'll need some infor-[A]mation first

[G]Just the basic [F#m] [Em]facts                          Can you [Bm]tell me where it hurts?


Bridge 1:

[D]There is no pain you are re-[A]ceding              [D]A distant ship's smoke on the hori-[A]zon

[C]You are only coming through in [G]waves         Your [C]lips move but I can't hear what your [G]saying

[D]When I was a child I had a [A]fever                   [D]My hands felt just like two bal-[A]loons

[C]Now I've got that feeling once a-[G]gain           I can't explain, you would not [C]understand

                                                                                     This is not how I [G]am



 [A]I [Bm] [C]have be-[G]come comfortably [D]numb


solo:    (like bridge)




Verse 3:

[Bm]Okay                                                                   Just a little [A]pin prick

There'll be no more [G]aa[F#m]aa[Em]aaaaah!  But you may [Bm]feel a little sick.

Can you [Bm]stand up?                                           I do believe it's work-[A]ing, good

That'll keep you [G]going [F#m]through the [Em]show

                                                                                     [Bm]Come on it's time to go.


Bridge 2:

[D]There is no pain you are re-[A]ceding,              [D]A distant ships smoke on the hori-[A]zon,

[C]You are only coming through in [G]waves,        Your [C]lips move, but I can't hear what your [G]saying,

[D]When I was a child, I caught a [A]fleeting glimpse,

                                                                                     [D]Out of the corner of my [A]eye,

[C]I turned to look, but it was [G]gone,                   I can not put my finger [C]on it now,

                                                                                     The child is grown, the [G]dream is gone, and





[Bm]   [A]       [G]       [F#m] [Em]                [Bm]   (ad nauseum)

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