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[D]I                  [C/D]seem to                         [G]recognize your     [C/G]face                   [G]

[D]Haun-        [C/D]ting fa-                            [G]miliar yet I can't    [C/G]seem to             [G]place it

[D]Cannot      [C/D]find the                          [G]candle of thought to  [C/G]light your      [G]name

[D]Life-          [C/D]times are                      [G]catching up with   [C/G]me                     [G]

[C/G]All these [A]changes taking     [C/G]place

I                       [A]wish I'd seen the   [C/G]place

But,                 [A]no one's ever        [Em]taken me



[D]Hearts and            [C/D]thoughts they    [G]fade           [C/G]fade a-  [G]way

[D]Hearts and            [C/D]thoughts they    [G]fade           [C/G]fade a-  [G]way



[D]I                  [C/D]swear I              [G]recognize your     [C/G]breath    [G]

[D]Memories [C/D]like                     [G]fingerprints are     [C/G]slowly    [G]raising      

[D]Me you      [C/D]wouldn't re-       [G]call for I'm              [C/G]not my   [G]former

[D]It's hard     [C/D]when your         [G]stuck upon a         [C/G]shelf       [G]

[C/G]I change by [A]not changing at           [C/G]all

Small              [A]town predicts my [C/G]fate

Per-                 [A]haps thats what no one [EM]wants to [G]see



[D]I just           [C/D]want to              [G]scream hel-                      [C/G]lo                        [G]

[D]My              [C/D]god it's              [G]been so long never          [C/G]dreamed you'd [G]return

[D]But now     [C/D]here you            [G]are and                             [C/G]here I                  [G]am

[D]Hearts and [C/D]thoughts they    [G]fade a-                             [C/G]way                     [G]



[D]Hearts and            [C/D]thoughts they    [G]fade           [C/G]fade a-  [G]way

[D]Hearts and            [C/D]thoughts they    [G]fade           [C/G]fade a-  [G]way

[D]Hearts and            [C/D]thoughts they    [G]fade           [C/G]oh a-      [G]way

[D]Hearts and            [C/D]thoughts they    [G]fade           [C/G]fade a-  [G]way


[D]Hearts and            [C/D]thoughts they    [G]fade           [C/G]fade a-  [G]way


[D]Hearts and            [C/D]thoughts they    [G]fade           [C/G]fade a-  [G]way

{a capella}

Hearts and     thoughts they fade    fade a-way

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