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Turn the Page -- Metallica 6:06


Intro:     [Ebm]

v1:        On a [Ebm]long and lonesome highway               East of Omaha
            You can
[Db]listen to the engines                        Moanin' out as one long song
            You can
[Ab]think about the woman                    Or the girl you knew the night be-[Ebm]fore

v2:        But your
[Ebm]thoughts will soon be wandering    The way they always do
            When you're
[Db]riding sixteen hours                   And there's nothing much to do
            And you
[Ab]don't feel much like riding                You just wish the trip was [Ebm]through Say...

c:         Here I
[Db]am, on the [Ebm]road again                There I [Db]am, up on the [Ebm]stage
            Here I
[Db]go, playing star a-[Ab]gain                  There I [B]go, turn the [Ebm]page

v3:        So, you
[Ebm]walk into this restaurant                Strung out from the road
            And you
[Db]feel the eyes upon you                    As you're shaking off the cold
            You pre-
[Ab]tend it doesn't bother you                 But you just want to ex-[Ebm]plode

[Ebm]Yeah, most times you can't hear 'em talk    Other times you can
            Oh, the
[Db]same old clichés                              Is it woman.  Is it man?
            And you
[Ab]always seem outnumbered You don't dare make a stand [Ebm] make your stand

c:         Here I
[Db]am, on the [Ebm]road again                There I [Db]am, up on the [Ebm]stage
            Here I
[Db]go, playing [Ab]star again                   There I [B]go, turn the [Ebm]page

[Ebm]Oh, oh out there in the spotlight                 You're a million miles away
[Db]ounce of energy                                  You try to give away
            As the
[Ab]sweat pours out your bod-da Like the music that you [Ebm]play

[Ebm]Later in the evening                                   As you lie awake in bed
            With the
[Db]echoes of the amplifiers                  Ringing in your head
[Ab]smoke the day's last cigarette                Rememb'rin' what she said, what she said[Ebm]

[Db]  [Ebm]      [Db] [Ebm] [Db] [Ebm]               [Ab]      [B] x2

c:         Yeah, here I [Db]am, on the [Ebm]road again       There I [Db]am, up on that [Ebm]stage
            And, here I [Db]go, playing [Ab]star again            There I [B]go, turn the [Ebm]page
            And, there I [Db]go, [Ab]star again                      There I [B]go, turn that [Ebm]page
            And, there I [Db]go, [Ab]star again                      There I [B]go[Ebm]


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