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Intro: Flute Solo on D A4


Verse 1:

[D]I ain't never been with a woman long enough, [F#m]for my boots to get old.

[G]We've been together so long now they [D]both need resoled.

[D]If I  ever settle down [F#m]you'd be my kind and it's a

[G]good time for me to [A]head on down the [D]line.



[D]Heard it in a [A]lo- [G]ve song

[D]Heard it in a [A]lo- [G]ve song

[D]Heard it in a [A]lo- [G]ve song   Can't be [D]wrong.


Verse 2:

[D]I'm the kinda man [F#m]likes to get his way,

[G]like to start dreamin about to- [D]morrow today.

[D]Never said that I love you, even [F#m]though it's so

Where's that [G]duffle bag of [A]mine it's time to [D]go.




Solo:  (like two verses, then a chorus)


Verse 3:

[D]I'm gonna be leavin' [F#m]at the break of dawn.

[G]Wish you could come but I don't need no [D]woman taggin' along.

[D]So I'll sneak out that door couldn't [F#m]stand to see you cry.

I'd stay a- [G]nother year if I saw a [A]teardrop in your [D]eye.




Verse 4:

[D]I never had a damn thing but what I had [F#m]I had to leave it behind.

[G]You're the hardest thing I ever tried [D]to get off my mind.

[D]Always something greener on the [F#m]other side of that hill.

I was born a [G]wrangler and a rambler and I [A]guess I always [D]will.



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