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Intro:   [G] 8 meas.


v1:       [G]Mother, mother ocean                                                     I have heard you call

            [C]Wanted to sail upon your waters                                    Since I was three feet [G]tall

            You've seen it [Am]all                                                           [Bm] [Am]You've seen it [G]all


v2:       [G]Watched the men who rode you                                    Switch from sails to steam

            And, [C]in your belly you hold the treasures                       That few have ever seen

            Most of them [Am]dreams                                                   [Bm] [Am]Most of them [G]dreams


v3:       [G]Yes, I am a pirate                                                             200 years too late

            The [C]cannons don't thunder, there's nothin' to plunder   I'm an over forty victim of [G]fate

            Arriving too [Am]late                                                            [Bm] [Am]Arriving too [G]late


v4:       [G]But, I've done a bit of smugglin'                                      And, I've run my share of grass

            I made [C]enough money to buy Miami                              But, I pissed it away so [G]fast

            Never meant to [Am]last                                                      Never [Bm] [Am] meant to [G]last


v5:       [G]And, I have been drunk now for over two weeks,         I passed out and I rallie, and I sprung a few leaks,

            But, I've [C]got stop wishin', got to go fishin'                      I'm down to rock bottom [G], again

            Just a few [Am]friends                                                         [Bm] [Am]Just a few [G]friends


{solo}  like verse


v6:       [G]And, I go for younger women                                          Lived with several awhile

            And though I ran [C]'em away, they'd come back 1 day   And still could manage to [G]smile

            It just takes a [Am]while                                                       [Bm] [Am]Just takes a [G]while


v7:       [G]Mother, mother ocean                                                     After all these years I've found

            My [C]occupational hazard bein'                                         My occupation's just not a- [G]round

            And, I feel like I've [Am]drowned                                         [Bm] [Am]Gonna head up- [G]town


o:         I feel like I've [Am]drowned                                                  [Bm] [Am]Gonna get drunk up- [G]town

            [Am] [Bm] [Am]                                                                    [G]


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