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Danny Boy -- Irish Traditional



V1       [C]Oh, Danny boy, the [C7]pipes, the pipes are [F]calling, [Dm]

From glen to [C]glen, and  [Am]down the [Dm]mountain- [G7]side,

The summer's [C]gone, and [C7]all the roses [F]falling [Fm]

Tis you tis [C]you must [Dm]go and [G7]I must [C]bide.


C1:       But come ye [C]back when [F]summer's [C]in the [G7]meadow,

Or when the [Am]valley's [F]hush and [Dm]white with [G7]snow,

[G7]Tis I'll be [C]here in [C7]sunshine [F]or in [C]shadow,

[C]Oh, Danny Boy, oh, Danny [Dm]Boy, I [G]love you [C]so!


V2       [C]But if he come and [C7]all the roses [F]dying  [Dm]

And I am [C]dead, as [Dm]dead I well may [G7]be

He'll come [C]here and [C7]find the place I am [F]lying  [Fm]

And [C]kneel and say an [Dm]avé [G7]there for [C]me.


C2:       And I shall [C]feel, oh [F]soft you [C]tread a- [G7]bove me

And then my [Am]grave will [F]warmer, [Dm]sweeter [G7]be

 [G7]And, ye shall [C]bend and [C7]tell me that you [F]love [C]me

And I shall [C]sleep in peace un- [Dm]til you [G]come to [C]me

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