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{intro}              [A]       [A7]     [A]       [A7]     x2        


{verse1}          [A]Ive been looking so long at these          [D]pictures of you

           that I     [A]almost believe that theyre                      [D]real

Ive been [A]living so long with my                               [D]pictures of you                 

that I                [A]almost believe that the                            [D]pictures are all I can [A]feel    [A7] [A] [A7]


{verse2}          [A]Remembering you standing                   [D]quiet in the rain

as  I           [A]ran to your heart to be                             [D]near

and we      [A]kissed as the sky fell in                           [D]holding me close

how I         [A]always held close in your                        [D]fear

                        [A]remembering you running                       [D]soft through the night

you were   [A]bigger and brighter and                         [D]whiter than snow

and           [A]screamed at the make-believe             [D]screamed at the sky    

and you    [A]finally found all your                                 [D]courage to let it all [A]go [A7] [A] [A7]


{verse3}          [A]remembering you falling                          [D]into my arms

            [A]crying for the death of your                      [D]heart

you were   [A]stone white so delicate                           [D]lost in the cold

you were   [A]always so lost in the                                [D]dark

                  [A]remembering you how                             [D]you used to be

slow           [A]drowned you were angels so                 [D]much more than everything

oh              [A]hold for the last time then                        [D]slip away quietly 

open         [A]my eyes but I                                             [D]never see anything


{chorus}          [E]If only Id thought of the                            [D]right words

             I [E]could have held onto your                     [D]heart

            if [E]only Id thought of the                            [E]right words

           [E]I wouldnt be breaking a- [Bm7]part       all my pictures of [A]you  [D]  [A]  [D] 


{bridge}         [A]looking so long at these                          [D]pictures of you, but I 

           [A]never hold onto   your                              [D]heart

           [A]looking so long for the                             [D]words to be true, but

           [A]always just breaking                                [D]apart my pictures of [A]you  [D]  [A]  [D] 


           [A]   [Bm7]   [C#m]  [D]  [C#m]   [D] [A/E (5 fr)]   [D/F# (7fr)]


there was  [A]nothing in the world that [Bm7]I ever wanted more

than to      [C#m]feel you deep in my [D]heart

there was [C#m]nothing in the world that I [D]ever wanted more    

than to      [A/E (5 fr)]never feel the breaking a- [D/F# (7 fr)]part my pictures of you [A]  [A7]  [A]  [A7]

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