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Intro:     [Em]     x2


v1:        [Em]We are building a religion,                                    We are building it bigger

            [Em]We are widening the corridors and                       Adding more lanes                    

            [Em]We are building a religion.                                     A limited edition

            [Em]We are now accepting callers for these               Pendant keychains

            [Em]To resist it is useless,                                             It is useless to resist it

            [Em]His cigerratte is burning but he                              Never seems to ash

            [Em]He is grooming his poodle                                     He is living comfort eagle

            [Em]You can meet at his location but you'd                  Better come with cash

            [Em]Now his hat is on backwards. He can                   Show you his tattoos

            [Em]He is in the music buisness he is                          [no chord]Calling you "DUDE!"


v2:        [Em]Now today is tomorrow and to-                             morrow today

            [Em]And yesterday is                                                     Weaving in and out

            [Em]And the fluffy white lines that the                              Airplane leaves behind

            [Em]Are drifting right in front of the                                 Waning of the moon

            [Em]He is handling the money.                                       He's serving the food

            [Em]He knows about your party. He is                           [no chord]Calling you "DUDE!"


c1:        [Am]Now, do you believe in the                                     One big sign?

            [Am]The double-wide shine on the                                 Boot hills of your prime

            [Am]Doesn't matter if you're skinny. Doesn't                 Matter if you're fat.

            You can [F]dress up like a sultan in your                        Onion-head hat


v3:        [Em]We are bulding a religion. We are                        Making a brand

            [Em]We're the only ones to turn to when your                Castles turn to sand

            [Em]Take a bit of this apple, Mr.                                     Corporate Events

            [Em]Take a walk through the jungle of cardboard         Shanties and tents

            [Em]Some people drink pepsi. Some                            People drink coke. (coke)

            [Em]The wacky morning d.j. says                                    [no chord]Democracy's a joke.


v4:        [Em]He says now, "Do you believe in the                      One big song?"

            [Em]He's now accepting callers who would                    Like to sing along

            [Em]He says, "Do you believe in the                                One true edge?"

            [Em]By fastening your saftey belts and                            Stepping towards the ledge

            [Em]He is handling the money. He is                               Serving the food.

            [Em]He is now accepting callers. He is                           [no chord]Calling me "DUDE!"


c2:        [Am]Do you believe in the                                               One big sign?

            [Am]The double-wide shine on the                                   Boot hills of your prime.

            [Am]There's no need to ask directions if you                  Ever lose your mind

            We're be- [F]hind you. We're behind you.                        And let us please remind you

            We can [F]send a car to find you                                     If you ever [no chord]lose your way


o:         [Em]We are bulding                                                         [Em]a religion...

            [Em]A limited edition

            [Em]We are now accepting callers for these beautiful pendant keychains

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