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Intro    [D], [D4]- [D]  x4


Verse 1:

[D]How many             [G]roads must a        [A]man walk   [D]down be-

[D]fore you     [G]call him a [D]man?

[D]How many             [G]seas must a [A]white dove [D]sail be-

[D]Fore she can [G]sleep in the [A]sand?

[D]How many             [G]times must the      [A]cannon balls         [D]fly be-

[D]fore they are [G]forever   [D]banned?

[G]The answer my [A]friend, is        [D]blowin' in the [G]wind.

The [G]answer is [A]blowin' in the [D]wind. [G], [G]- [A]- [D]


Verse 2:

[D]How many             [G]years can a           [A]mountain ex-         [D]ist Be-

[D]fore it's      [G]washed to the [D]sea?

[D]How many             [G]years can some   [A]people ex-             [D]ist be-

[D]fore they're al-      [G]lowed to be           [A]free?

[D]How many             [G]times can a           [A]man turn his          [D]head and pre-

[D]tend that he           [G]just doesn't           [D]see?

[G]The answer, my    [A]friend, is    [D]blowin' in the         [G]wind,

The [G]answer is       [A]blowin' in the         [D]wind.  [G], [G]- [A]- [D]


Verse 3:

[D]How many             [G]times must a         [A]man look   [D]up be-

[D]fore he can           [G]see the      [D]sky?

[D]How many             [G]ears must [A]one man    [D]have be-

[D]fore he can           [G]hear people          [A]cry?

[D]How many             [G]deaths will it          [A]take till he [D]knows that

[D]too many   [G]people have         [D]died?

[G]The answer, my [A]friend, is [D]blowin' in the [G]wind,

The [G]answer is [A]blowin' in the [D]wind.   [G], [G]- [A]- [D]


End:    [A]- [D]

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