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Words and Music By Van Boersma

©Copyright Mon Dec 18 23:05:12 MST 2000

And, now I do as I did when I did what I liked.
I just passively let the thoughts flow by their rights.
They are simply the things that a mind just suppresses
In it's will not to face but find flight.

Guess there's really no point to this tone, nor no weight.
They just spew from the mind of my overfilled plate.
Contrived memorabilia from a mind that regresses
To a time I'd an ignorant state.

You have looked at alternatives,
Pondered your choices,
You have scouted alliances,
Rejected their voices,
But, it still comes down to this unarguable fact:
You're still not ready to enact
What you dreamt in your youth you would act.

It's most prob'ly unlikely I recall with resolve
In that mood many years past, as then I was involved.
Though the images flash from a distant perspective
To this present to where I've evolved.

You once plotted contingencies,
Charted your courses,
Predicted position,
Assessed future forces.
And, you never foresaw that previous mentors' presages
Were a prophesy sent through their ages.
That now you still wouldn't have written those pages.

Guess I must reel back to thoughts I knew as a child,
So, someday I'll embrace those dreams my acts have reviled,
Seems the passing of time doesn't push, but entrenches
Those visions we'd long ago wiled.

And, to get to that place where I was what I liked,
There's a bit of erasing some truths that were spiked.
They were prob'ly a sales pitch, simply sent to condition
And were packaged without our dislikes.

One of many realities,
Not meant as fate,
It could be your misfortune.
It might be a clean slate.
But, a message that was sent from your youth's preconceptions
Might have had dire misconceptions.
Now, it might just be truth's inception.

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