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Is You Is?

Words and Music By Van Boersma

Copyright Tue Jan 16 01:06:57 MST 2001

Is you is?  

Is you ain't?

Is I am?  

Guess I'll wait.


Are you are?

Could you be?

Are we are?

Is we straight?


Is you is my baby,

I could be so in love with you.

Is you ain't my baby.

I knew it wasn't you.

But, if I is your baby,

Forever, I'll love you.


Were they were?

Had they heard?

Heard the word;

That right word.


Did they shine?

Was it mine?

Our own time?

Did it rhyme?


Is you is my  baby,

The night would lie so true.

Is you is my baby.

We dance:  just me and you.

If you is my baby,

You know my heart's for you.


Is you is my baby,

My eyes look into you.

Is you could be my baby,

Your eyes might come to view.

Is you is my baby,

You see in my eyes, it's true.

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